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Thomson Flight Cancellation Compensation

Have you had your flight with Thomson cancelled before? If so, it almost certainly caused you huge amounts of stress and inconvenience. What’s more, you could also be able to claim compensation from the airline, which can be as much as £500 – which should help to soften the blow a little bit!

To get started with the process, you simply need to fill in the form at the top of this page – a process that takes just seconds. Once you do, we’ll take care of all the rest, and get you the compensation you deserve.

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Why Do Thomson Cancel Flights?

The reasons for cancelled flights are long and varied, as you might expect. They basically fall into two categories though: cancellations that couldn’t be avoided, and cancellations that are the fault of the airline. This is important, as unavoidable cancellations are unfortunately not liable for compensation, as the airline really can’t be blamed for something such as poor weather. They can be blamed for many other reasons though, and they should also have to compensate their passengers for their mistakes or decisions.

Times when an airline isn’t liable for compensation are essentially the ones when external influences have led to the flight being cancelled. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Bad weather. It is common sense that planes can’t fly in certain weather conditions, and flights are cancelled in this situation simply to preserve passenger safety. A good airline will get you flying as soon as the weather lifts though.
  • Security problems. It’s unfortunately the case nowadays that security issues are more and more common. Airlines have to take these extremely seriously, and will cancel a flight if there is any suspicion of a security problem.
  • Problems from external agencies. There are many different organisations involved in getting a plane off the ground, from airport staff to air traffic control. If one of these makes a mistake and stops a plane taking off, it’s not the airline’s fault.

So, if your flight was called by Thomson for any of the above reasons, compensation unfortunately won’t be due to you. There are many other times when you are eligible for compensation though, and these include:

  • Aircraft issues. Aircraft issues don’t happen that often, but when they do happen, they almost certainly lead to delays. These mechanical issues are the fault of the airline, and they should compensate you.
  • Late arrivals. It’s sometimes the case that a late arrival of a previous flight will have a knock-on effect, causing your flight to be delayed, or even cancelled. Depending on whether the initial delay was the airline’s fault, you could be due compensation.
  • System problems. Problems within an airline’s system are the most common reason for cancelled flights. It not your fault if these systems don’t function properly though, so you can expect to receive compensation.

Flight Cancellation Claims Across All Popular Airlines

all UK airlines can be claimed against with our service:
Monarch (MON)
Ryanair (RYR)
Flybe (BEE)
Easyjet (EZY)
British Airways (BAW)
Thomson (TOM)

EU Rule 261/2004: The Key to Compensation

Perhaps the most important thing to mention about the compensation you could receive is this: it is backed by law, namely EU Rule 261/2004. This means that airlines don’t have to agree to give you compensation – they are forced to. Unbelievably, this didn’t used to be the case though, as prior to 2004 passengers had no recourse should an airline cause them delays, and simply had to accept it as part of the flying experience. The rule has now put passengers very much in control though, and ensured that airlines are accountable for their behaviour and service.

There is one important thing to remember about EU Rule 261/2004 though: it only fully applies to airlines based in the EU. Airlines based in a country outside the EU only have to pay compensation when their flight is taking off from an EU airport. This is great for Thomson passengers though, as Thomson is based in the UK, and is therefore forced to comply fully with the law. As you’ll see in the next section, this is also unlikely to change, despite the UK leaving the EU.

thomson flight cancellation rights

Does the UK’s Withdrawal from the EU Affect My Rights?

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU is going to affect many parts of everyday life, however it is unlikely to affect your ability to claim compensation from Thomson for your cancelled flight. This is because the UK will undoubtedly keep some of the rules and regulations laid down by the EU, especially those that really benefit the UK public – and EU Rule 261/2004 certainly does just that. There is a precedent as well, as countries such as Iceland and Norway are not in the EU, but still come under the banner of this rule.

Of course, the UK also still has a couple of years before it leaves the EU properly, so all passengers still have at least this long to make their claims. In order to definitely avoid any problems, it is therefore best to get any compensation claims in as soon as possible. The process is really easy, as all you need to do is fill in your details in the above form and we’ll then do the rest

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A History of Thomson

Thomson are one of the best-known airlines in the UK, and have been flying since 1962. They were initially called Britannia Airways though, and didn’t start trading as Thomson until 2008. In the time between their inception and 2008, they amalgamated various companies into their business, such as Orion Airways and First Choice Airways. Nowadays they are the largest charter airline in the world, and carried a total of 10.6 million passengers in 2015. This is a drop from their peak though, as in 2005 they carried a massive 15.5 million people.

In terms of cancellations and delays, passengers will be glad to know that Thomson regularly win the award for Most Punctual UK Charter Airline, with the last award of this type coming in summer 2015. Of course, cancellations do happen though, just as they happen with any other airline in the world. If one has happened to you, and it was the fault of Thomson, why not fill in our form and get the compensation process started?

history of thomson airways

Where Do Thomson Fly to?

Thomson fly to a huge number of destinations, however the majority of them are short-haul. Some of the more popular destinations for them to fly to in Europe include Spain, Italy and Greece, while they also often take a short hop over the Mediterranean and drop passengers off in Morocco and Egypt. Essentially, they fly to anywhere in Europe with hot weather, so you won’t find Thomson offering flights to places such as Scandinavia or Germany. Strangely, they also don’t fly to any locations in France.

There are long-haul flights offered by Thomson as well, and these are generally to popular locations for family holidays. So, they have numerous flights to places such as Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean. It’s also possible to fly to India with them, as well as Thailand, Kenya and the Maldives, plus a few others. The fact that Thomson are continually expanding their services also means that they are more than likely to introduce new routes in the very near future, so keep your eyes open!

But where do Thomson fly from? Well, they offer flights from a huge range of different locations in the UK, ranging from Aberdeen to Stansted, and Newcastle to Cardiff. Those in Northern Ireland won’t miss out either, as Thomson regularly fly from both Belfast and the City of Derry. Their main base is Gatwick though, therefore meaning that the highest proportion of flights take off from there.

how to claim flight cancellation compensation from thomson

How to Claim Flight Cancellation Compensation from Thomson

  • First, take note of the date of the flight and ensure it was within the last six years.
  • Secondly, though not required make a note of the number of the flight that was cancelled.
  • Then, take down basic details of all the passengers wishing to claim with you (paid-for seats only).
  • Lastly, decide if you would like to see if you have a claim via a flight claim solicitor or direct through the airline.

Claiming compensation can be a long, tough road – unless you use the service provided by us! This is because those who go it alone will almost certainly come up against a wall of questions, requests and denials from Thomson, and will be made to work incredibly hard for their money. In fact, Thomson will sometimes simply refuse to pay, as they know that most people will accept the denial and never challenge it. Of course, we don’t accept no as an answer though, and will keep on pushing Thomson until they finally pay you what you deserve.

You could also hire a solicitor to work with you on the claim, but is it really worth it? After all, solicitors charge astronomical fees, and the most you’ll receive from Thomson is around £500. What’s more, if you do end up losing your claim, you will then be liable to pay the fees you’ve accrued with your solicitor. The risk of hiring an expensive professional simply isn’t worth it.

Then there’s our service, which is undoubtedly the least risky option, as well as the one that leads to the highest chance of success. We’ll never charge you a penny until your compensation has been won, and we have a 98% success rate when it comes to successfully chasing up airlines for compensation. What’s more, you’ll experience no stress at all, as we’ll do everything for you, so you can simply sit back and wait for the cheque from Thomson to arrive.

Your Questions Answered

We receive loads of enquiries about claiming cancelled flight compensation from Thomson, so we’ve put together this FAQ section. Of course, if you don’t find the answer you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The amount of cancelled flights is really quite small, as Thomson have a reputation for being one of the most punctual airlines around. They do still happen though, and when they do, you more than definitely deserve to be compensated for their decision.
If you were to apply for cancelled flight compensation on your own, the process would undoubtedly be long and complicated. We have the experience needed to navigate through the different aspects of the process though, meaning that we can get compensation for you incredibly quickly.
EU Rule 261/2004 states that a passenger has up to six years in which to claim compensation for a cancelled flight. It does make sense to seek compensation as soon as possible though, so that all details are still fresh in your memory.
Unfortunately, even if your flight was over £500, you can only claim up to £500 back in compensation. Don’t forget that this cancelled flight compensation can still be claimed even if Thomson found an alternative plane though, providing you were delayed for more than three hours. It also applies to each passenger, so the total claimable could be more than this.
We charge absolutely nothing upfront, and will not charge anything at all if you don’t get compensation. Should you receive compensation though – which 98% of our clients do – we will then only charge a very reasonable percentage of the overall amount, leaving you free to spend the majority of your money how you like.
You certainly can. In fact, we recommend it, as those who have previously been rejected often have been for no apparent reason, other than the fact that Thomson knows that most claimants will give up once they’ve initially been unsuccessful.
This really varies from a case to case basis, however you can be sure that we’ll be pushing the airline hard to resolve every claim. This means that typically you’ll need to wait up to six weeks for the claim to be agreed.

Claim Compensation from Thomson Today!

So, if you’ve ever had a flight cancelled by Thomson before, why not start the compensation process right now? It’s incredibly easy and hundreds of people have already successfully worked with us, getting them the cancelled flight compensation that the law states they’re entitled to. Filling in the form at the top of the page only takes a matter of seconds, and it could lead to you receiving up to £500 for your inconvenience.

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With all the inconvenience that flight cancellations cause we're sure you want to find out as much as possible with regards to claiming the compensation you deserve. By far the easiest way to discover more is to complete our short online application form and let the experts advise you on your claim eligibility.

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