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Ryanair Denied Boarding Compensation

When planning a trip, one of the last things you anticipate will happen is arriving at the airport and being denied boarding. This actually happens quite regularly, leaving many passengers with no other alternative than to seek out Ryanair denied boarding compensation.

If you want to find out if you can claim for being denied boarding a Ryanair flight, apply online and receive an immediate decision.

About Ryanair

Ryanair is one of the leading economy airlines in the EU. Known for its no-frills way of flying, the company caters primarily to families and budget-minded business travellers. Currently, approximately 20% of its 81 million customers are families, a figure that is expected to increase significantly in the coming years due to new advertising. The company currently has more than 300 aircraft in its fleet, and flies to more than 31 countries throughout the world.

Denied due to Overbooking

The top reason why passengers are denied boarding on Ryanair is due to overbooking. Overbooking occurs whenever the airline intentionally sells more tickets than what there are seats on an aircraft. This is done in an effort to compensate for an anticipated number of “no shows.” Airlines detest flying with empty seats, and will therefore go out of their way to avoid them. This is true, even if it means that occasionally passengers may need to be bumped onto other flights because there are fewer no shows than normal.

Procedures when Bumping

When it becomes apparent that bumping is necessary, Ryanair will typically take the following measures:

  • Airline personnel will announce that a particular flight is overbooked and ask for individuals to voluntarily reschedule their flights. These passengers tend to be given preferential treatment, and may be offered perks such as meal tickets or additional frequent flyer points in addition to a new ticket.
  • If not enough volunteers come forward, the process of determining who will be bumped is then initiated. Many times, those who checked in last are the first to be bumped from a flight.
  • Bumped passengers will be given the opportunity to reschedule their flights for a later time. New tickets are then issued and luggage rerouted if needed.
  • Remaining passengers who made the cut-off list are boarded once all bumped passengers have been taken care of.

EU Denied Boarding Compensation Includes All UK Airlines

some of the UK airlines you can claim against:
Thomson (TOM)
Ryanair (RYR)
Flybe (BEE)
Easyjet (EZY)
Monarch (MON)
British Airways (BAW)

Ryanair Policies

Each airline has its own unique policies, and Ryanair is no exception. Failure to abide by these policies can result in denied boarding, so it is important to be familiar with them before travelling. One such policy involves pregnant women who are six months or more along. These women must have a note from a doctor or midwife stating that it is safe for them to travel. Some other Ryanair policies that could result in denied boarding include:

  • Violations of the luggage policy
  • Not having your boarding pass stamped by a Ryanair customer service representative if you are a non-EU citizen
  • Showing a form of ID not recognised by the Irish government
  • Slight damage to a passport, even if that damage does not necessarily indicate tampering
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Becoming unruly or threatening violence against a Ryanair representative

Denied due to Disability

Disabled passengers could also be denied boarding if they are travelling with a service animal, as only certain flights permit them. If you plan to travel with a service animal, it is imperative that you confirm you are booking on a qualified flight ahead of time. Ryanair also has a policy against allowing more than four passengers who require assistance on any given flight. If there are more than that, only the first four will be allowed to board. Everyone else will be re-routed.

Other Reasons for Denial

Passengers could also be denied for a number of other reasons, including:

  • Late check-in
  • Lost boarding passes
  • Invalid or expired identification
  • Breeches of security
  • Being on a particular country’s “no fly” list

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Ryanair Denied Boarding Compensation

Ryanair denied boarding compensation is available to help passengers deal with being bumped from a flight. You could be eligible for up to £500 per qualifying flight, provided you have not already been compensated by the airline. The amount of money you are entitled to will depend on the length of your flight. You may not receive compensation for additional travel expenses such as a hotel stay.

Ryanair not Always Liable

It’s important to note that Ryanair refused boarding refunds are not always available, as it will depend upon the circumstances. You may be eligible for a refund if you can answer “yes” to all of the following questions:

  • Was I denied boarding due to circumstances that were beyond my control?
  • Did the incident result in my flight being delayed by three hours or more?
  • Did it occur within the previous six years?
  • Was the flight originating from an EU airport or heading into one?

If you feel your circumstances qualify for refused boarding refunds from Ryanair, you should file a claim as quickly as possible. This assures you the best possible odds of making a recovery.

You may also contact us for assistance by filling out the form at the top of this page, allowing us to intercede on your behalf.

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Useful Resources

If you were denied boarding a Ryanair flight and are looking to be compensated then the easiest route to take is to get in touch using our free online form. You can be advised every step of the way to ensure you are compensated fully. If however you would like some additional Ryanair information then please see the pages we have listed below:

If you would like to know more about compensation after being denied boarding your Ryanair flight then get in touch with us free today. We help hundreds get the compensation they deserve for the inconvenience caused by being denied boarding.

Example Boarding Denial Claims

Date Reason Flight No. Passengers Success
30 SepBoarding DeniedTCXXXXXX2Yes
30 SepBoarding DeniedVIRXXXXX1Yes
30 SepBoarding DeniedTOMXXXXX1Yes
30 SepBoarding DeniedTOMXXXXX1Yes
30 SepBoarding DeniedTOMXXXXX1Yes