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Easyjet Missed Connection Compensation

To save money, many travellers choose flights with multiple stops. A missed connection at any of these stops can wreak havoc on your best laid plans, but Easyjet missed connection refunds may be available to compensate you for your troubles.

Thankfully it's easy to see if you have a claim of anything up to £500+ by simply completing our online form. A specialist flight compensation solicitor will provide you with an instant decision today!

Who is Easyjet?

Easyjet is the largest airline within the UK, carrying more passengers than any other within that country. With routes to more than 100 airports in Europe, Easyjet manages 788 different routes. Plans are also underway to expand to even more airports in the coming years, particularly in Italy. The airline offers only economy-class seating, and signed an important deal with Airbus in March 2014. This deal allowed the company to purchase 135 Airbus A320 aircraft, which are known to be among the most comfortable single-aisle aircraft in the industry.

EU Missed Connection Compensation For UK Airlines

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Easyjet Missed Connections

The sheer number of passengers flying on Easyjet results in hundreds of missed connections each day. Some of these occur because passengers arrive late to the terminal or do not have the right boarding pass or identification. The majority however occur whenever travellers have arrived on time and are adequately prepared for boarding. Individuals may miss their connection because:

  • An earlier flight fails to leave on time, causing each subsequent connecting flight to be pushed back
  • Pilots are forced to make emergency landings at a different airport
  • Originating flights are stalled while waiting to sell out a handful of empty seats
  • Congested runways at originating airports prevent flights from taking off as scheduled
  • Originating flights being cancelled

Cause and Effect

A missed connection can have a “trickle down” effect, in that it can affect other travel plans. An example of this happened in July 2014 whenever a late Easyjet flight subsequently caused a passenger to miss a train in Paris. Easyjet has also been known to change departure times without warning, leaving a very small window for passengers to reschedule connecting flights. When it comes to catching the next available flight, the process seems to be hit and miss. Some passengers are able to board the next flight for a fee, while others must wait until the next day. Consumers could be eligible for missed connection refunds from Easyjet if they are delayed for more than three hours due to circumstances beyond their control.

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Avoiding Missed Connections

Although missed connections are often unavoidable, there are nonetheless a few things passengers can do to prevent them:

  • Double check boarding information 24 to 48 hours before departure
  • Schedule connecting flights at least two hours apart whenever possible. That way, if an originating flight is delayed, the odds of it affecting a subsequent flight is greatly reduced.
  • Sign up for text and/or email alerts from Easyjet so that you can become aware of delays sooner
  • Plan to arrive at the airport at least one hour and 30 minutes prior to your flight
  • Make sure you have the right documentation (ID, passport, boarding pass) with you when you arrive at the terminal
  • Bring only carry-on luggage whenever possible (Easyjet has one of the most lenient carry-on policies of any EU airline carrier).

Taking these actions can go a long way toward helping one obtain missed connection compensation from Easyjet, which are available only when travellers are victims of circumstance rather than their own actions.

Actions after Missing a Connection

Upon missing your connection, you should report to the Easyjet ticket counter at your current airport. The problem with this is that Easyjet agents are not always available during all hours. If you arrive after hours or during bank holidays, you may wind up talking with a subcontractor and not an actual representative of the airline. This subcontractor may do nothing more than provide you with a telephone number where you can obtain more information about Easyjet missed connection refunds.

Allow us to Help

Many people find that obtaining missed connection refunds from Easyjet is time-consuming and complicated. EU rule 261/2004 does allow limited circumstances in which an airliner is not liable for missed connections. Sorting through these limitations to determine what qualifies and what doesn’t can be exhausting for the average consumer. To make matters worse, English-speaking representatives are not always available in all areas. Allow us to take some of the stress out of this process by using the form at the top of this page to see if you are eligible for Easyjet missed connection compensation. We do not recover unless you do, so there is never an up-front fee for our services.

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Additional Resources

If you missed a connecting Easyjet flight and the fault wasn't yours then you could claim over £500 in compensation for your inconvenience. It's easy to see if you can claim too... just complete the simple online form on this page. If you'd like more information then please find below a compilation of useful links to official websites/pages:

Missing a connecting flight can be a huge inconvenience, which is why we specialise in getting compensation for such events. If your Easyjet connection was missed through no fault of your own then we can help today.

Example Missed Connecting Flight Claims

Date Reason Flight No. Passengers Success
30 SepMissed ConnectionVIRXXXXX1Yes
30 SepMissed ConnectionMONXXXXX2Yes
30 SepMissed ConnectionMONXXXXX3Yes
30 SepMissed ConnectionBAWXXXXX1Yes
30 SepMissed ConnectionEZYXXXXX1Yes