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Easyjet Flight Delay Compensation

As one of the most economical airlines in the UK, Easyjet is also one of the most frequently travelled. The high volume of flights naturally means there can be dozens of delays each day. If you’ve been delayed on one of these flights, you could be eligible for Easyjet flight delay compensation.

To find out if you qualify for compensation which could run to over £500 per Easyjet passenger then simply take a moment to complete our online form for an instant decision.

About Easyjet

Based at London’s Luton Airport, Easyjet is an airliner that offers only economy-class flights to more than 100 airports throughout Europe. In all, this airliner has more than 788 routes to cities such as Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, and Athens. They cater to those who are anxious about airline travel by offering a “fearless flyer” course to help travellers beat their phobia. The company’s stated ambition is “to be Europe’s preferred short-haul airline, delivering market leading returns.”

Consequences of Over-Booking Flights

Although Easyjet strives for a short turnaround time for all its flights, they sometimes fall far short of this goal. Operating on a limited budget requires this airline to consistently overbook flights in an effort to compensate for anticipated cancellations. When there are a fewer-than-average number of cancellations, the result is too many passengers and not enough seats. This leaves the airline with no other alternative than to “bump” certain individuals off of their flights.

How does Easyjet determine who will be bumped? Airline personnel will normally ask for volunteers first. If they are unable to obtain the right number of volunteers, they will then randomly select individuals from their passenger list. As you can imagine, this can cause a great deal of anxiety, because being bumped from a flight is the last thing people expect. It is especially problematic when travelling due to an emergency. Another hardship can occur whenever a couple is flying together and one is bumped but the other one is not, leaving both parties to travel alone.

EU Flight Delay Compensation From All UK Airlines

we cover claims from all UK airlines including these:
Thomson (TOM)
Easyjet (EZY)
Ryanair (RYR)
British Airways (BAW)
Monarch (MON)
Flybe (BEE)

Other Reasons for Delays

Flights are sometimes delayed due to pilot or crew error, such as when an Easyjet plane accidentally landed on the wrong runway at a Pisa airport. An Easyjet flight from Glasgow to Bristol also had to complete an emergency landing when the pilot became disoriented and flew off course. When errors such as this happen, subsequent flights could be delayed while air traffic controllers reroute flights to a different runway. You might also experience delays due to:

  • Faulty airline equipment
  • Inclement weather
  • Improper handling of a passport or Visa
  • Reservations that are lost in an airline’s database
  • Security concerns at a connecting airport
  • Airline personnel strikes

Why Choose Our No-Win No-Fee Service?

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How to Claim Flight Delay Compensation From Easyjet

  • First, be sure that your flight was within the claimable limit of 6 years and note the exact date.
  • Next, if known take note of the flight number of the Easyjet flight that was delayed (not required).
  • Then, document the personal details of everyone flying with you that wishes to claim (paid seats only).
  • Finally, either contact a flight claim solicitor or establish contact through Easyjet direct to start the claim.

This airline provides information on how to obtain Easyjet delayed flight refunds on their website. While many people elect to contact the airline directly, it’s important to note that Easyjet has a less than favourable reputation when it comes to handling claims. One UK father was even shocked to receive an email via his solicitor that not only refused compensation, but also contained a vulgar swear word.

The fact that Easyjet is known to be difficult to deal with results in a good number of passengers refusing to file a claim because they would rather avoid the hassle. You don’t have to be one of them, as we can do all the leg work for you, allowing you to avoid direct contact with the airline while still obtaining a refund.

To get started, fill out the form you see at the top of this page, and we will handle the rest from there.

Flight Delay Refunds from Easyjet

Changes in the law now make it possible for passengers who experience delayed flights due to no fault of their own to obtain compensation. To be eligible, your flight must have originated in the EU, or have a final destination inside the EU on an EU carrier. All Easyjet flights will easily meet one of these requirements. The only other requirement is that your flight must have been delayed by at least three hours at any time within the previous six years.

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Additional Resources

If an Easyjet flight you were booked on was delayed for reasons beyond your control then you could be compensated for the inconvenience caused. The simple way to find out your compensation amount is to complete our online form. We've also compiled some website links for additional information if you'd like to read more:

Flight delays inconvenience people every single day across the UK, and we specialise in arranging compensation for them. If your Easyjet flight was delayed then get in touch to see how much you could claim back.

Example Flight Delay Claims

Date Reason Flight No. Passengers Success
15 AugFlight DelayedEZYXXXXX2No
15 AugFlight DelayedTOMXXXXX1Yes
15 AugFlight DelayedBAWXXXXX3Yes
15 AugFlight DelayedBAWXXXXX1Yes
15 AugFlight DelayedMONXXXXX2No