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British Airways Flight Delay Compensation

Regardless of the airline you’re flying with, delays are always something that can happen. This is certainly the case when it comes to British Airways, but did you know that you might be able to claim compensation for a delayed flight? This can happen if the delay was British Airways’ fault, and compensates you for the inconvenience you’ve suffered.

If you’ve been delayed on a British Airways flight in the last six years, simply fill out the form above in order to get your delayed flight compensation started.

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Why Are BA Flights Delayed?

As you might imagine, there are absolutely loads of different reasons why flights might be delayed. While all of them are incredibly frustrating for passengers, some are the airline’s fault, and others are not. As you’ll see in the section on this page about the law, it’s only those that are the fault of the airline that can lead to compensation. So, some of the reasons for delays that aren’t the fault of the airline include:

  • Problems with authorities. Some of the authorities in some countries can take rather a long time, and this can lead to delays. This is the fault of the specific authority, not the airline.
  • Poor weather. Nobody can control the weather, and planes certainly can’t fly when the weather is too bad. So, it’s nobody’s fault if poor weather leads to delays.
  • Industrial action. Strikes by anyone in the airport will lead to delays. These will frustrate the airline as much as they’ll frustrate you.
  • Political reasons. These could include anything from problems at the desired destination through to terrorism, and understandably cause delays.
  • Security concerns. A plane might be delayed if there are concerns about security. It’s better that these concerns are addressed, even if a delay does follow.

So, all of the reasons above probably won’t lead to compensation for a delayed British Airways flight, however the ones below are the airline’s fault, and should therefore mean that you receive money for the inconvenience that has been caused…

  • Overbooking. This is when an airline books too many people onto a plane. This can lead to delays and, for some people, completely missing their flight.
  • Aircraft problems. Aircraft often develop small problems, which need to be fixed. While these repairs are vital, they are still the fault of the airline.
  • Check-in Problems. The check-in desk is run by British Airways, so any problems there are their fault – and can lead to compensation if they delay a flight.

If your flight has been delayed for any of the reasons above, you should definitely contact us today and get the compensation process started. If you aren’t too sure whether your delay qualifies for compensation, please still feel free to contact us and we’ll give you accurate, honest and unbiased advice on what you should do.

EU Delayed Flight Claims Across All Major Airlines

all UK airlines are covered by our flight delay claims:
British Airways (BAW)
Thomson (TOM)
Flybe (BEE)
Monarch (MON)
Easyjet (EZY)
Ryanair (RYR)

What is Overbooking?

Of all the aforementioned reasons, the most common is overbooking – and it is also perhaps the most frustrating. This is because the process seems to be rather unfair to passengers, yet it is still legal and therefore carried out by every airline around – including British Airways. The process basically sees British Airways booking too many seats for a flight, as they know that it’s usually the case that some people don’t turn up. When everyone does turn up though, it puts them in a predicament, and means that some people are forced off the flight. As you might imagine, being forced to wait for a different flight can cause some huge delays.

The good news is this though: being delayed due to overbooking is certainly grounds for compensation. The only times you won’t receive compensation are if you volunteered to wait, or if the airline manages to find a replacement flight within three hours. This means that if you’ve been affected by overbooking, you should absolutely fill out the form on this page and get the process started, as it could lead to a pay-out of up to £500 for you!

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The Laws Surrounding Delayed Flight Compensation

As you might imagine, there’s a law surrounding compensation for delayed flights, as if there wasn’t the airlines would never volunteer to pay up. This law comes from the European Union and is entitled EU Rule 261/2004. Quite amazingly, it was only introduced in 2004, meaning that prior to that, the airlines could get away with pretty much anything without having to compensate their passengers at all. When we are trying to get compensation for you, this is the rule that we will always quote, and our 98% success rate shows that it’s an incredibly effective rule to use.

This law is applicable when it comes to any British Airways flight either landing or taking off from an EU airport. This is because British Airways are based in the EU. Airlines that aren’t based in the EU, such as Cathay Pacific and Qantas, only have to pay compensation if a flight is due to depart from an EU airport. This is useful to know, as it could impact your decision when you choose the airline you fly with. Remember though: the law only applies if the flight is delayed due to the fault of the airline.

When it comes to the time you have to claim, the law states that you have six years from the date of the delayed flight. This means that you can claim even for flights that were delayed years ago, so why not think about the flights you’ve taken in this time, and work out if you’ve been subject to any unnecessary delays?

Our Claim Service is Used Daily

just a few reasons why our BA claim service is so popular:
All Major UK Flights
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How to Claim Flight Delay Compensation From British Airways

  • First, ensure that the date of your delayed flight was within the last six years.
  • Next, if possible find out the flight number of the British Airways flight you travelled on (not required).
  • Then, gather the details of all the paid-for passengers that travelled with you on that delayed BA flight.
  • Finally, contact the BA claims department or use the services of a flight claim solicitor to begin.

Why Use Our Service?

There are a number of reasons why you should use our service, however the biggest of all is the fact that we’re experts at gaining you compensation. Because we’ve pursued so many cases against British Airways (as well as a whole host of other airlines), we know the exact procedure needed to gain the maximum amount of compensation for you. The fact that we have a success rate of 98% just goes to show how good we are at what we do.

Price also comes into the equation as well, and those using our service will find that we’re one of the most affordable around. Unlike solicitors, who charge huge amounts of money to represent you, we will not charge a single penny to get the process started, and we also won’t charge anything if you fail to receive compensation. This no win, no fee structure means that you experience absolutely no financial risk at all when you choose to pursue compensation with us.

Finally, our service is great because it takes all of the stress away from you. If you’ve ever tried to get compensation from an airline before, without using our service, you’ll know that can be a battle, and this battle is both time consuming and stressful. From the moment you fill in the form above through to the conclusion, you won’t have any need to deal with British Airways though, as we’ll do everything for you. This means that you can sit back and simply wait for the money to be paid into your bank account.

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Do BA Regularly Pay Compensation?

To their credit, it has to be said that British Airways are one of the best airlines when it comes to paying compensation immediately. Their rate of immediate payment is still less than 40% though, meaning that you still need professional help in order to get money from them. By using our service, British Airways will have no choice but to pay you the compensation you deserve. What’s more, we’re able to ensure that British Airways pay out quickly, as there is no rule in EU Rule 261/2004 that states how quickly they have to pay. Quite simply, we won’t let them stall for time though, meaning the money is in your account as quickly as possible.

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How Much Will British Airways Pay?

The amount that you’ll receive in delayed flight compensation from British Airways is perhaps the biggest question you’ll have, however there is no exact answer. This is because the amount depends on a number of different factors. It is possible to say what the maximum is though, and when we work with you, the maximum is what we always demand. It should also be mentioned that this payment will be in cash – despite trying in the past, airlines cannot pay it in vouchers when it comes to giving you delayed flight compensation.

The maximum you can receive depends on the distance your flight was, with longer flights receiving higher maximum compensation amounts. There are three different tiers, and they are as follows:

  • For flights up to 1,500km, the maximum compensation amount is £200
  • For flights between 1,500km and 3,000km, the maximum is £300
  • For flights of over 3,000km, the maximum amount is £500

It should be noted that the exact figures are in Euros, so these maximum amounts might increase and decrease as the interest rates between pound and Euro fluctuate.

Your Flight Delay Questions Answered

The maximum amount of time you can wait before making a compensation claim for a delayed flight with British Airways is six years, which should be more than sufficient for most people. Make sure you make your claim as soon as possible though, as this will ensure that the process goes much more smoothly.
In our experience, British Airways is one of the better airlines to deal with, which means that the time you wait to receive compensation should be kept to a minimum. You should allow up to six weeks for the process to be completed, and if there are any delays, we’ll make sure to let you know immediately.
It is certainly helpful if you can remember your flight details, although not totally necessary – although the airline will try to say otherwise. Simply give us all of the information you can remember, and we will find out the rest of your details for you.
Absolutely. In fact, we recommend making another claim if you have been rejected before. This is because compensation claims from individuals are rejected by airlines all the time, for no real reason. When we claim for you though, the airline will know that it can’t shirk its legal responsibilities and will be less likely to contest the claim.
No, unfortunately you can’t. This is because EU Rule 261/2004 states that a delay is classed as a period of time greater than three hours. Waits of less than three hours, although annoying, are not seen as significant. If you are unsure of the amount of time you waited, contact us and find out if you can still claim compensation.
No, not when you use our service. We won’t charge a penny until the compensation has been paid, and after that our rates are still very reasonable. If a compensation claim is successful (which it nearly always is) we’ll simply charge a small amount per person, plus a percentage of the compensation amount. Get in touch to discuss prices and claim amounts.
It’s really easy to start the whole process, as you simply have to fill in the form at the top of this page. We will then do the rest, including dealing with the airlines, so you can simply wait for the compensation claim to be approved.

Claim Your Delayed Flight Compensation from BA Today!

By now you should have a good understanding of the process by which delayed flight compensation can be claimed from British Airways. All that you need to do now is get the form at the top of the page filled in, and we’ll use our expertise to get you the compensation you deserve. With a 98% success rate, it’s clear that we really do know how to make the airlines pay up!

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Delayed flights can cause huge inconvenience and can cost you both money and time. Thankfully there are procedures in place to get you the compensation you deserve, and we just happen to be experts in getting you the money you are owed. We can provide all the information and guidance you require to make a successful claim, however if you would like to read more then take a look at the links below:

Get in touch with us today to see why we're one of the leading flight delay solicitors in the UK, and how we can get you the money British Airways owes you for disrupting your flight plans.

Example Flight Delay Claims

Date Reason Flight No. Passengers Success
15 AugFlight DelayedEZYXXXXX2No
15 AugFlight DelayedTOMXXXXX1Yes
15 AugFlight DelayedBAWXXXXX3Yes
15 AugFlight DelayedBAWXXXXX1Yes
15 AugFlight DelayedMONXXXXX2No