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British Airways Flight Cancellation Compensation

If you’ve ever got to the airport, only to find that a flight has been cancelled at the last minute, you’ll know that it is incredibly frustrating – as well as potentially very costly. Did you know that you can claim compensation though, which can be up to £500?

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Why Do British Airways Cancel Flights?

Cancelled flights don’t happen all that often – it just seems like they do because people mention them so much! When they do happen though, they are incredibly inconvenient, often leading to passengers missing meetings, or being late for family functions. So, why exactly do airlines cancel flights? Well, the answer sometimes lies with external factors, and other times it lies squarely at the feet of the airline itself…

It’s important to understand the difference between flights being cancelled by BA, and flights being cancelled through no fault of their own. This is because the former type are eligible for cancelled flight compensation, while the latter are not. So, firstly you’ll see a list of the reasons why flights are cancelled through no fault of BA…

  • Extreme weather. This is the main reason for flight cancellations, and can include heavy snow and heavy fog.
  • Air traffic congestion. This isn’t the fault of the airline, however rarely leads to cancellations. Instead, it often simply leads to delays.
  • Security issues. In this post 9/11 world, security issues are all too common and airline have no choice to cancel when faced with one.
  • Government intervention. Sometimes a government will prohibit air travel to a destination, and this is no fault of the airline.
  • Problems within the airport. Problems in an airport can easily cause a cancellation, and this is the fault of the airport owners, not British Airways.

So, all of the above reasons for cancellations are not generally eligible for cancelled flight compensation. The next set of reasons are the fault of the airline though, so can lead to money being paid back to passengers.

  • Maintenance Problems. If an airline has to cancel a flight because the plane is not in good condition, the fault lies squarely with them and you should be compensated.
  • Airline glitches. Small problems within the airline’s system can lead to some significant knock-on issues, however they could be prevented so therefore compensation is deserved.
  • Late arrivals. By this, late arrivals mean the aircraft arriving late from a previous journey, meaning that it is not then ready to take off on its next flight.
  • Fuelling. This can be the cause of the airline, however it can also be the fault of the airport. This means that it is sometimes eligible for cancelled flight compensation.

It should be noted that BA never cancel flights in order to save themselves money – this is simply a myth dreamt up by disgruntled passengers. In fact, every cancelled flight costs BA a hefty fine, and these fines run into millions (if not billions) every year. The reason for an airline cancelling usually has more to do with preventing delays further down the line, which would then lead to even more passengers being affected.

EU Flight Cancellation Claims Covering All UK Airlines

claiming for flight cancellations across all UK airlines:
British Airways (BAW)
Monarch (MON)
Easyjet (EZY)
Thomson (TOM)
Ryanair (RYR)
Flybe (BEE)

Explained: EU Rule 261/2004

EU Rule 261/2004 is the most important piece of law for passengers affected by a flight cancellation. This is because it’s the ruling made by the European Union that passengers who have experienced a cancelled flight are eligible for compensation, providing the cancellation was the fault of the airline. So, when we pursue cancelled flight compensation from British Airways on your behalf, this is the legislation that we always use. The fact that we have a 98% success rate shows that this ruling is a pretty water-tight one.

It should be noted that British Airways is one of the better airlines when it comes to adhering to these rules. A poll run on Money Saving Expert found that they paid 35% of claims without any fight, which was much higher than other popular airlines, such as EasyJet and Ryanair. They will still try to get out of paying if they can though, which is why it’s best to go through an experienced and knowledgeable compensation company, such as the one found on this site.

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Compensation: The Different Routes to Take

There are basically three different routes to take if you want to get cancelled flight compensation, and the first of these is by going it alone. This means approaching the airline with your demands and then dealing with any excuses or rebuttals that they might come up with – something that can be frustrating and extremely time consuming. While BA is one of the best airlines for paying out compensation, a 35% success rate isn’t that good. This however this goes up significantly when employing a professional to represent you.

The next option is to hire a solicitor, although there are few who specialise in this area. There’s a big problem here too though, as hiring a solicitor when looking to claim cancelled flight compensation from BA is going to be expensive, and you run the risk of the costs not being covered should your claim be an unsuccessful one. Is it really worth running up these bills, when you could use the next option instead?

The final option is using the service provided by us, which is affordable and highly effective. We have a 98% success rate when it comes to cancelled flight compensation claims, and we regularly take on BA on behalf of customers. Our fees are only charged should your claim be a successful one, therefore meaning that you’ll never risk running up huge bills when trying to get compensation.

As can be seen, claiming cancelled flight compensation is best done through our service. So, why not get started right now by filling in the form at the top of this page?

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How Much Compensation Can Be Claimed?

EU Rule 261/2004 is very specific with the amount that can be claimed by passengers, and it even gives maximum amounts split into three different categories. So, for those with a trip of less than 1,500km cancelled, the most that can be claimed is £200, while passengers with cancelled flights with a planned distance of 1,500km to 3,500km can claim up to £350. The highest amount that can be claimed is £500, and this is reserved for cancelled long-haul flights, which have to have been scheduled to be over 3,500km. It should be noted that the EU gives the compensation amounts in Euros, so those in the UK could find that they go up or down, depending on exchange rates.

british airways compensation eligibility

Are All Cancelled BA Flights Eligible for Compensation?

Because British Airways is an airline registered in the EU, any cancelled BA flight is eligible for compensation. This is down to EU Rule 261/2004, which states that only airlines registered outside the EU are exempt from compensation payments (and only then if they are landing in Europe, as those taking off from Europe are still liable). This means that, regardless of your starting point and your destination, you can claim compensation from BA if the cancellation is deemed to be their own fault. If you are still unsure though, why not fill in the form at the top of this page? We’ll then get back to you and let you know if you’re eligible.

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What Should You Do Immediately After a Cancelled Flight?

As soon as you hear over the tannoy that your flight has been cancelled, the most tempting thing to do is pick up your bags and head home. This, however, is a bad idea, and could put any chances of claiming cancelled flight compensation into jeopardy. This is because airlines can deliver passengers to their destination up to three hours late, and avoid having to pay any compensation. So, as soon as a flight is cancelled, you should head to the BA desk and ask them about any provisions they’ve made, as they just might have some seats on a slightly later flight.

If you do not accept the seat on a later flight (offered to you within three hours of your scheduled flight), you will have given up your chance for compensation. So, hang around and listen out for messages coming over the tannoy. If nothing is said, you can possibly get compensation; if you do get a seat, your trip will still be on – albeit running slightly late.

It’s also worth mentioning that, should a flight get cancelled, BA are obliged to offer complementary refreshments, food and accommodation, so make sure you ask for it. You might need to pay upfront though, before sending any receipts to them later for repayment.

Questions Answered

British Airways flights generally leave on time, with very few getting cancelled. Even if they are cancelled though, the sheer size of their fleet means that a seat on another aircraft is a distinct possibility. Cancellations do happen sometimes though, and those experiencing them should certainly contact us to find out about claiming compensation from British Airways.
If you have applied before for compensation from BA, there’s a good chance that they rejected your claim without giving it much thought. The reason for this is simple: they know that most people won’t challenge their decision. Reapplying using our service could bring a much better result though, as we’ll force BA to listen.
If you were to look at the British Airways website, you’d think that the road to compensation is a long one, complete with many hoops you need to jump through. In reality though, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ll only need a minimum amount of details to get your claim started, and we’ll then take care of any steps after this.
Absolutely. The only prerequisites for making a claim are that you were a passenger on the plane, and that you didn’t receive a free flight from BA. Additionally, you can claim for up to six people at once, including any children who were scheduled to fly.
Claiming for cancelled flight compensation certainly isn’t expensive when you use our service. In fact, we charge no upfront fee, and you’ll only need to pay if your claim is successful. Our fees are €25 per person, plus 22.5% of the overall compensation amount. This is less than a solicitor would charge, and also has much less risk.
There is a time limit, however it is six years. This should be more than long enough for the vast majority of passengers to get their claim in. It does pay to claim as quickly as possible though, as this leads to the best chance of success.
Unfortunately, you can’t, as the maximum that the airlines have to pay back is £500. You could still try asking them, however the chances of BA paying back more than they have to are slim. This £500 doesn’t cover any expenses you might have incurred though, so make sure you invoice BA for them separately.
Yes, you certainly can, providing it was delayed for more than three hours. You can also claim compensation if you were refused boarding for your flight, or if you missed a connection due to delays.

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Now you should know everything you need to know about claiming cancelled flight compensation from BA. All that’s now needed is for you to fill in your details at the top of the page and get the process started. With a 98% success rate, you know you’ve got a great chance of getting compensation when you work with us!

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Additional Useful BA Resources

If your British Airways flight was cancelled, causing you inconvenience and even financial loss then you have a good chance of making a claim. To find out simply complete the short form on the top of this page with some basic details about your travel date and we'll check to see if you have a valid case to pursue. If you would like some additional information to read about British Airways then take a look at the links below:

  • British Airways Homepage - The BA website with links to all bookings and further information on claiming for cancellations.
  • Which? - Cancellation advice and guidance from the Which? Consumer rights website.
  • EU 261/2004 Wikipedia Entry - More about the EU 261/2004 regulation from a Wikipedia page.
  • BA Facebook - Connect with BA with their Facebook account via this link.
  • BA Twitter Official - If Twitter is your preferred social media choice you can get in touch with BA via this link.

Flight cancellations happen every single day and cause massive inconvenience. We're confident that we can get you the compensation you deserve if British Airways cancelled your flight.

Example Flight Cancellation Claims

Date Reason Flight No. Passengers Success
30 SepFlight CancelledRYRXXXXX1Yes
30 SepFlight CancelledLOGXXXXX2Yes
30 SepFlight CancelledBAWXXXXX2No
30 SepFlight CancelledRYRXXXXX1Yes
30 SepFlight CancelledEZYXXXXX3Yes